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  Server is Online!
   GameFront + SpeedyShare Avaible!! Download The UPDATE!
   Server Details
          -Exp 250x .
          -Droprate Costume.
          -Online 24/7.
          -We decide to Open the Server at 21.09.2014 17:00 German Time.

          -No third job High rate Server!
          -Pet System.
          -DDos protection.
          -Instance Dungeon (in work).
          -Max Grade g100/g102 Dona .
          -Realtime Addon
          -Assasin Rewards
          -Assasin Level Limitation

          -Life Absorb Otp Based (Balanced)
          -Assa Level Limit/Reward for kills (Balanced)
          -Soul Destruction Wisdom Based (Balanced)

   Many Events
   Fair Team

-You will enjoy.
-Keep Voting.